While deciding to play poker online, the most important decision you need to make is which poker site can give you safe online poker play. Therefore, before choosing a poker site, there are many factors that you need to check to play safe online poker. For example, customer support 24/7, poker site policy to maintain collusion of players, the policy of breakdown and above all is a policy for safe and safe transactions or payment policies.

Check customer support 24/7: When choosing a poker site, you must always check the email, direct chat or toll-free number. You also need to make sure you can really reach on the site within 24 hours before making a real money deposit on their website.
Check the policy to keep the collusion: usually, players who work together have special benefits of the other at the table. Many sites like poker stars use software to track how often two players are in the same game, rarely win other “hesitant” rates and patterns. Every player caught colluding in poker stars is banned from a lifetime site. Therefore, if you doubt someone cheating, you must record the hand number and immediately contact customer support. And make sure you distance yourself from the game where people cheat as soon as possible.
Check the Disconnected Protection Policy: Always check what the poker site will do if you lose an internet connection during the match. The policy for termination protection varies for different online poker rooms and poker tables where you play. If you are disconnected, certain poker sites will always consider you “all in,” which means you bet all the chips are left in hand, and offer time to reconnect and join again. Thus, you don’t lose all the chips that you have put it to disconnect. But because some players use this, the poker site often limits how many times you can use termination protection. And certain poker tables can force you to fold if you lose your internet connection.
Check Payment Policy: For online poker games, you also have to check whether you need to meet the minimum level of victory before you make a withdrawal and how long and what form will be taken? Certain online poker sites issue a paper check when your victory reaches $ 50. However, you can also expect to get wire payments within 10 days.